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Best way to invest 100k in property: How would you do it?

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  • Best way to invest 100k in property: How would you do it?

    One of the most common questions we get asked on Ask Rob & Rob and by email is "How do I invest such-and-such an amount of money?"

    We can talk about what we'd do, but there are only two of us and there are hundreds of different views and approaches here in the forum! So let's turn this into a thread where we can direct people to get as many different perspectives as possible.

    The most common amounts we get asked about are £50k and £100k. Let's choose £100k, because it allows for more options.

    So: What's the best way to invest £100k in property?

    Obviously, it depends on what you're trying to achieve. So let us know:
    • What you'd do with the money (What and where? How much borrowing? What strategy?)
    • What you'd be aiming to achieve as a result of your investment (A certain income? Capital growth? In what period of time?)

    Looking forward to seeing your ideas!

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    I am too bad at investing.


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      Hm, property investment is a very broad topic. Many choose to invest in a property that can be sold and obtain an amount greater than 100k. But this is quite risky. I would not go for this decision. I would sell my current house, then buy a new house where I would live. Then based on this house, with the help of Equity Release Liverpool, I would take care of the release of capital to obtain a lump sum of money without taxes and to keep 100% ownership of the house. I think this is the best idea.


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        Leave the emotions behind - emotions plays a major role in calling the slowdown in the market. Business and the trading market are the continuous process that keeping on moving in a cycle. It is a simple fundamental of cycle that what goes up must come down, but emotions distract the fact and investors become too human. The greed calls for believing market fall the events to be permanent. Investors always keep on investing and trading in the share markets thinking that their boom will continue. However, this attitude of investors was mainly responsible for the present recession. It all began at the sales of homes in the US economy and then it dragged the whole world into the arms of recession.