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steering wheel colour repair

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  • steering wheel colour repair

    Steering wheel is showing wear on the lower flat bottom section.Black colour is slowly wearing away. Is there a decent dye i could use to repair this

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    Hi! Still relevant and will be I think, I'm waiting for your wishes, I have the same problem, thank you!


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      Hi buddy, please tell me what type of the car do you have. It would be nice to discuss this issue in private messages so that you don't lose my advice that I want to convey to you. Have you tried contacting a dealership for help? It seems to me that your car would be repaired quickly there. Unfortunately, I will not be able to help you without the brand of the car you drive, since each car has its own features and therefore an individual approach to repair is needed for each car. I advise you to contact the car service for advice and find out what kind of paint you need for you car, and then order it online. Good luck buddy!


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