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Suggestions on a good RV Repair Shop

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  • Suggestions on a good RV Repair Shop

    I have a 2002 Holiday Rambler Endeavor and I am going to be traveling from central Canada straight down through North Dakota to Oklahoma, then across to Tampa Florida, then from Florida to Arizona. I want to find an RV repair shop somewhere along my travels that can check out the whole motorhome and repair anything from bumper to bumper including the engine.

    Does anyone have a suggestion?

    Also I did see a post about trailing arm issues, I have the right year of coach and 4 airbags like they state, but my model wasn’t listed, so does that mean I’m ok?

    Thanks in advance.

    I have to say this is a great RV site, RVers helping RVers!​

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    You can see on the map of this area good auto repair shops where they can fix your car.


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      Hello Eldonp! If you have serious problems with your truck, then in this case it would be best to contact a dealership where your truck will be professionally repaired. If the problem is not so serious that you can handle it, then I advise you to use AutoLeap and check if you can fix your truck on your own. I don't trust local car service stations, because all my life I have taken my cars to dealerships where there are professional car service stations. I prefer to solve such problems in two ways: independently with the help of the Internet, or with the help of professionals. I hope you will be able to find a solution to your problem. Good luck!