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  • Clothes shopping?

    I struggle to find clothes I like for work (senior, professional, female)

    Of course, I hate shopping in a shopping centre. Online shopping is much better but it's still difficult. The filters are about colours and patterns - where I'll have at least some preferences, nothing too bright... What I'm really looking for is something comfortable - so would love to be able to filter by material as well. Suits just don't work for me and as a woman the dress code is more flexible than suit and tie thankfully)

    I've researched personal shoppers online. I don't want to go round the shops with one. And online services tend to be limited to a small number of couture brands. Or are very focused on personal style and image. Rather than something that looks fine while being comfortable and practical.

    At the moment I cope by spending time looking through online shops and infrequently finding something I like. But I'm time poor.

    That leads to three questions:

    - Does any else struggle with this?

    - Does anyone know of a good online personal shopping service that might work?

    - Would anyone be interested in doing the research for me for a modest fee?!

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    Thank you for sharing this post, I need it now too


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      Thank you for sharing this information! I love Warhammer and was thinking of buying something with his image on it. I've seen a few ads for it, but was afraid it was illegal. I wanted to buy it from Justin Bieber Merchandise Store, but they mostly print celebrity images. I like the way they print the images because they look natural and are hard to remove from the fabric. What's more, it doesn't deteriorate with time and washing. I like it because I appreciate and wear t-shirts with meaning more. Now I will probably purchase this one as well. Thanks again!