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Struggling to find a lawn tractor

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  • Struggling to find a lawn tractor

    I recently moved to pembroke ontario and while I only have 1 acre, its enough I want a ride on mower.

    I have Canadian Tire, Home Depot, and Rona near me.
    Canadian Tire and Rona have had nothing in stock all year.

    The home depot only has the Deere S100, the lowest grade tractor they sell. There are a few troy built machines, but I went in to see them and they look like they have been sitting uncovered for 2-3 years....sunfaded and cracked seats and all.,
    Other than that, Home depot has a $5000 zero turn and a deere zero turn, both that have been in the garden center and seem to be where the staff sit for lunch everyday.....aswell as some extremely expensive battery powered machines.
    But again, of the 30 models they list, they only have a handful, and aside from the low end S100, all seem to have been stored in terrible conditions.

    The nearest Lowels is beyond delivery range....yah, I dont have a pickup, and the nearest Deere dealer is 150km away and only carries the higher end stuff.

    I have no cub cadet dealers, no ariens dealers, and the one place that sells husqvarna doesnt give any prices.

    Is there any national company that sells lawn tractors? I know in the US there are big national dealers, but it seems like Im at the mercy of home depot.​

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    You do not have such a large territory that you need a tractor. Enough lawn mowers.​


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      Well, your territory is not so big, but a lawn tractor would make your life easier. I think you can buy a used tractor for a lot less than a new one. In addition, there are no lawn tractor dealers in your city. So on the machinerydealer.co.uk website, you can find great used lawn tractor options. This is how I recently bought a tractor for my farm. It is very convenient, fast and quite economical. So you can easily solve your problem this way.