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3 point forklift on tractor to stack hay 2 high.

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  • 3 point forklift on tractor to stack hay 2 high.

    First, I do not have a FEL and don't want to buy one. I do have a 3 point forklift mast that fits my 80HP tractor.
    I am looking for practical experience stacking 5x6 round bales, 2 high. I want a quick and easy system to pick up bales in the field and go straight into the barn to store the bottom row, then lift the top row in place as I fill the barn. I know it will never be fast or easy or efficient, but I hope it will work for my small operation. Good mirrors and a rear camera are already on the tractor. I am looking for tips and practical experience.​

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    If your mast can tilt I think it could be done. But you will need to tip the bales on end first, otherwise you will not be able to unstack the bales with your fork lift, unless you are planning to replace the normal forks with spears for this operation. I will post a picture of how I think you should stack the bales in a while. I use a loader to stack bales, but I will sometimes use pallet forks instead of spears to handle 5x6 bales, which is why I think you can accomplish what you are considering. One thing I must emphasize is that handling bales with pallet forks IS MORE DANGEROUS than handling them with spears as the bale is more likely to fall off the forks than if it is impaled on spears. A few years ago a 10 year boy of a family I know was killed when a bale fell off pallet forks and crushed him. BE ALERT. KEEP BYSTANDERS AWAY!


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      I am not very good at all these details related to forklifts. I recently moved to the UK and thought of getting a job as a forklift driver because I know that it is quite an interesting job and the salary is quite profitable. But among the requirements is the fact that I have to do training in this field and then get hired. So next week I will start Forklift Training Courses in the UK, and I will find out more details about it and if I find an answer to your problem I will come back to help you.