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Weight loss has returned...

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  • Weight loss has returned...

    193.2. Thursday taking a break from mowing, I got dizzy. Blood pressure was 86/43. My little clinic sent me to BaylorScott&White Emergency. A bunch of tests. Doctor said I was dehydrated. They pumped me up with fluids. All tests were good.

    Friday at 10 AM found me at Hillcrest Hospital doing Medicine 3 hour stress test. No tread mill because of arthritic hips. I keep telling medical professionals this all started within 4 days of second Moderna stab. I should get results Monday or Tuesday.

    Hillcrest doctor thinks shingles may be the culprit. I'm in week 7 of shingles. Symptoms can show before the rash.

    I would give $1000 for a shingles vaccine if I could avoid all this.

    Shingles can cause weight loss, fatigue. It hurts to wear a shirt.

    I haven't weighed this little since colon cancer diagnosis in April, 2003, which ended my "professional tourist" career.​

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    Hello. I don't have any ideas about this yet, but I'm also a little lost in this topic right now, I need information support, thank you!


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      Why don't you take into consideration the option of doing surgery? It is fast, has no pain, and has clear results. Of course, you would still have to take care of your diet, but this should become your normal way of life. Eating healthy is the secret to being fit and healthy. So, my recommendation is, if you don't want to lose time, just do a treatment for obesity and severe acid reflux - otherwise called a gastric bypass. My dad did it, and he is much happier right now than ever before. Of course, sometimes he's keen to leave everything and return to how it was before, but then he understands that he's doing this for himself and his health.


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        Irregular cycles affect more women than previously thought. In most cases, this disorder in the system of ovulation suddenly appears before disappearing in the same way. Or it may also be linked to various 朱古力瘤 diseases: diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease or a deficiency of estrogen or overweight or lack of female hormones. In these cases, weight loss, taking estrogen or medical monitoring, sufficient to restore order in the female cycle.​


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