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Can You Buy Liquor and Have Delivered as Gift?

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  • Can You Buy Liquor and Have Delivered as Gift?

    Would like to send some Crown Royal to someone who helped me out, as a thank you. I know they like crown. They are located in Michigan. Google says you can't ship liquor, so I'm wonder how come you can buy it online?

    Can I buy it online and have it shipped directly to friend in Michigan?​

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    Of course you can.


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      Hmm, strange. I also didn't know that alcohol can't be delivered by mail. But I think it all depends on where you are going to make a purchase. I am sure that there are many online stores, including alcoholic ones, where you can choose a delivery address, but most likely you will still have to confirm the identity of the recipient upon receipt to confirm that he is 21 years old. I just ordered relationship bracelets from Amazon, I know that goods are sent from Amazon without any problems, maybe you should try to find this alcohol on amazon to easily send to your friend?Good Luck!