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    I'm now 60 yrs old and have led a clean life for over 20 yrs. I have some old convictions for dishonesty ie stealing and false pretences. They were all very minor offences and the penalty's resulted in iether small fines or one period of 12 months good behaviour. I have held very responsible senior positions over the last 20 years and have turned my life around. I have been accepted to study and only wish to do so to help fathers in a volountry capacity when I complete my study's. I have no wish to enter paid empoyment but just to help those who are having trouble negotiating the system in a difficult period of their lives. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated

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    Hello. I don't have any ideas about this yet, but I'm also a little lost in this topic right now, I need information support, thank you!


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      You can get into and graduate from university, but as far as the profession is concerned - no guarantee. Even if you want to do it on a volunteer basis, you may have difficulties with non-admission. I know good lawyers ucmjdefense.com you can also consult with them. Unless it was a serious felony for which you were incarcerated for more than 10 years there may still be a chance for you. Even if the outcome is unfavorable for you, you can always do something similar, which isn`t directly related to the law, but to the rehabilitation program for criminals. Think about that option, too.