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  • Medical exam AOS *********

    Hey guys my friend is asking if you're tested for weed when you are completing the medical exams. Are you tested for THC in the urine or blood tests? Asking for my friend, he smokes weed like maybe once a week! Thanks


    Well, my friend just got his results back from the doctor and his I-693 is now completed and sealed. And he wasn't tested for weed. He's very happy now hehe

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    Hi! Thank you for the topic, as such I can't help you with an answer, since I myself now need such information


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      Hmm, interesting question. I think he could be tested for any drug, so he has to start smoking it at least a week before the test. Otherwise he might not be accepted. I like smoking weed, and it's great that it's already legalized in my country. It helps me deal with the constant stress I face at work and in relationships. When I come home and smoke weed, everything in my life seems better and gives me pleasure. I buy it at a weed store and top Burlington dispensary, and the price is pretty reasonable.