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Linux is 100% secure" ... but is it?

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  • Linux is 100% secure" ... but is it?

    It's not FUD. I see too many fanboi posts and comments here and elsewhere. People are goaded into thinking they are safe simply because they use Linux.

    Yes, Linux has a lower relative percentage of infections, which I attribute to a more robust, secure OS, and typically more knowledgeable and technical users and admins. But that doesn't mean it's invulnerable.‚Äč

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    Are you sure you need it, because the old security certificate may still work well.


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      Every operating system can be safe if you use it incorrectly, perhaps people who use linux and say that it is safe use it carefully and do not get into various virus sites. Any operating system can steal your data, no one is protected from this. Therefore, it is very important to conduct monthly penetration testing brisbane to determine that your operating system is in order and does not need to be cleaned from viruses and various threats. I constantly carry out such checkups because very important files are stored on my computer that I can not lose or leak into the network. I hope that everyone understands this and takes care of their operating system.