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Three good movies

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  • Three good movies

    1) I'm looking for movie from 90's or 2000's. The film is set in the 19th century and there was a man and a woman (marriage) who had a child. Unfortunately, but later another woman attacked their house. The woman killed the man's wife and kidnapped the child, and the man probably later searched for this child.

    2) I'm looking for prison movie or TV series from 80's or 90's. I remember only short and violent scene. Two men are prisoners. Their main opposite man is cruel warden. The warden says to prisoner: "You are free", so the prisoners goes. When he is backed, warden shot him and prisoner dies. Then, warden says to second prisoner: "You will be suffer". I think that it was very popular TV Series or movie.

    3) It's episode of "Hercules" TV series or movie connected with Hercules. I remember that Kevin Sorbo and other guy (he is a king, but he has not a crown) are stopped by group of warriors. The king is captured and shouts: "I'm your king!". Hercules laughs of him. I think that it's tough to find.‚Äč

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    I really liked the "Saw" series of films as a thriller and a detective story.


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      Hercules, wow, how much I loved watching this series as a child! It's just beyond words! Each episode was filled to the brim with the fascinating wanderings of Hercules. The main character here is played as simply gorgeous, and this cannot be taken away. The plot, for all its simplicity and primitiveness, has some such properties that even after a long time, having stumbled upon it on TV, you will continue watching with interest. Isn't this a classic? I recently re-watched this series on https://www.999flix.com/, and I am strongly nostalgic for the movies and TV shows of the 90s.