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Do ads that pop up in a new tab hurt SEO?

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  • Do ads that pop up in a new tab hurt SEO?

    Today a lot ad companies offer propeller ads instead of popup ads. I read how popup ads can hurt Google rankings. Those articles say that Google hates ads that pop up in new window.
    However, these propeller ads are opened in new tab.
    Would a propeller ad opened in new tab also hurt SEO like an ad that pops up in a new window?

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    I think propellers are worse


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      I don't like propeller apps and see nothing bad in regular popups. They don’t hurt anyone and are quickly closed if you want them. While those ads, which are opened in a new window, probably boost website activity, and I hate it even more. I think it is even illegal. Whenever my connection is not secure, I get to some porn or casino site, which isn’t okay. What if my son goes there? I don’t want him to see it at that young age and get addicted to such images. That’s why I think popups are a good type of advertisement; their content is usually decent. I even have done my pop-up with the help of wooocommerce abandonment prevention for my online shop.