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Creating Facebook, Instagram and Twitter post for users automatically

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  • Creating Facebook, Instagram and Twitter post for users automatically

    I want to create a function that let users automatically create posts on these platforms.
    Can anyone show me how can I set up the OAuth in the API connector with these social media or is there a plugin for these things?
    I have tried connecting to Facebook I can’t seem to find a way to get the long-lived access token with the native API Connector. And I also don’t how should I store the token once I get it.
    For twitter, I think the authorization step is a bit different than the OAuth2 User-Agent template.

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    Actually, people's preferences have greatly changed since covid. When we got locked in our houses, we had nothing to do except consume more content.


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      There are a few steps you need to take so that you can start posting to social networks. First, you must create a test account to start the API integration. For most Graph API interactions, you will need an "access_token" publishing key. The access_token requires your user to give permission for authorization. This is done through OAuth and a series of dialogs. Once all this is done and you have the access_token, you can start publishing posts. It's all pretty complicated and requires some knowledge, so I don't bother and use the best youtube views smm panel. Many people come to me to boost their views, and I like to help them for a small fee.