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    Hello everyone,
    I have been “playing” with Xojo for several years. I already do some native applications, Flutter and Xojo. Some of my applications are public, others are for my private use. I intend to be a professional developer. I have some ideas for applications: small and large projects from a few days of development to several months. Many of my ideas can be realized with Xojo desktop, mobile and web application.
    I have several questions to make my passion a real job. Can you help me ? What business plan do you have for your applications? Are you living off your app revenue? What is your (best) strategy in this business? Where to start ?
    Thank you for your feedback.

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    Thank you very much for the economic forecast for 2022. Of course, it's a pity to discover that my business will not be as profitable as a couple of years ago.


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        It's important to have a good marketing strategy to ensure your apps are seen and downloaded. Good luck on your journey!​


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          Hi there! It sounds like you have a lot of great ideas for applications, and it's great to hear you're passionate about developing professionally. It can be daunting to make the transition from hobbyist to professional, so I'm glad you asked for help. It's essential to have a clear business plan when it comes to developing applications. Research your target audience, and determine the most effective way to market your app. It's also a good idea to think about pricing and monetization strategies. Additionally, if you encounter difficulties with your business, you can always reach out for help at guys from successionresource.com. They provide business consulting services. Good luck!​
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