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How to monitor skeletal muscle mass?

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  • How to monitor skeletal muscle mass?

    Anyone have any advice on monitoring skeletal muscle mass? Since it includes water, it's going to fluctuate, which will make it a little more difficult to monitor for actual muscle loss or gain. Is there a general rule for a normal amount of water loss in skeletal muscle from 1 day to another? I plan to weigh-in 1st thing in the morning only to keep the fluctuations at a minimum, but I imagine there will still be some water changes from day to day. I'm mainly monitoring to see if I've gained any muscle rather than body fat.

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    Try drying off to preserve muscle mass and eliminate the fat layer. I think the scales will show the correct results after that.


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        I've found that the best way to monitor skeletal muscle mass is with a combination of body fat tests (like bioelectrical impedance analysis) and weight training. Regular body fat tests can help you track changes in muscle mass over time, and weight training can help you build muscle. As far as water loss, the best way to minimize fluctuations is to drink plenty of water throughout the day and avoid dehydrating foods like alcohol and caffeine. I've also heard great things about gml apeti tablets which can help gain weight. Good luck with your muscle-building journey!
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