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Dentist tomorrow for extraction :(

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  • Dentist tomorrow for extraction :(

    I've put this off for so long that I'm in agony. The agony made me call my dentist yesterday to ask for a removal. They said no, they're not open until September. Their advice was come down and collect a temp. filling kit and some pain medications.

    My partner managed to get through to emergency dentist in the area (who are also the same company as my regular dentist!). I've got appointment for tomorrow at 11am to have it taken out at the local emergency dentist.

    I'm bricking it. I don't fear the extraction I fear the numbing stuff. I'm scared that will kill me, or cause my heart rate to go fast.

    If you're reading Joe ... yes it's that same tooth from months back.‚Äč

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    Thanks for the information.


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      Well, it happened to you a long time ago, but I think you've seen firsthand how important it`s to pay attention to your health on time. I had my wisdom teeth extracted - one of the most uncomfortable things I`ve ever experienced in a dental chair. My first tooth got pulled very quickly, it was a pure accident because I already had an appointment and I started to feel discomfort a few days before going to the dentist. But the second time I needed an extraction when I was on vacation in Mexico. I really liked Ocean Dental Cancun, it reminded me of https://crowndentalgroup.com.au/trea...tic-dentistry/ which I visited in Australia. Surely, it`s better to be treated in time.


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        Wow , good post


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          I think your post is crazy