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network to windows 10?

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  • network to windows 10?

    So is it possible???
    There's plenty of utube videos, but they must be for older versions of windows 10, because the networking and sharing centre doesn't exist on the office machines I've inherited.

    I've resurrected a failed windows 8 machine, with a new SSD and installed mint 20.3 on it. But I can't use it effectively if I have to us USBs to share files with the other windows machines. Using those windows 10 machines is driving me crazy!​

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    Of course, Windows 11 isn't so old and pitched but it still works pretty good. Is it possible that you got scammed with your software?


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      The graphical interface is better developed in platforms based on Windows 10. This is due to the greater possibilities and at the same time not so essential requirements of the computers themselves. So if you want to get into graphic illustration, Windows 10 is right for you, but it's essential to understand your computer's working capacity. You may also need to find the reddit windows key. This may increase your ability to work in the long run. When learning graphics, I used several platforms and programs at once. They worked pretty well on Windows 10, while Windows 11 gave out errors.


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        Actually, I'm tired of those endless issues with Windows 10. I don't know how many of them I've had for the past 2 years, so I think the time has come for an upgrade to Win11.​


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          Hey there, I totally feel you on the Windows 10 struggle. It's been a hot mess for a while now. I've been dealing with all kinds of issues too, like random crashes and updates that take forever. Actually, I heard Windows 11 is supposed to be way better and more user-friendly. Plus, it's got some cool new features like a built-in virtual desktop and an updated taskbar. I think I'll buy microsoft windows 11 pro. LMK guys, if you've already used it. How do you like it?