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    Do you guys plan on adding a game boosting/leveling service section to the market for different games or even just one big section for all games?

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    Even without it the game will not be easy and interesting, you need a patch to hack the game​


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      This advantage is relevant to those who believe that his level of play is higher than others, but bad teammates prevent him from rising. That's where the benefits end. Of course, the key to this list is exactly the time savings, but I would choose wow boost service to be on par with other players. Imagine this: in a competitive game, a high-ranked person gets on the lower ranks. It is clear that he will play much better than the others. This will lead to a violation of the competitive principle, a kind of unfair competition. And it will spoil the enjoyment of the process for others. When an account is pumped, it starts to play worse. Which is quite logical - the real owner has a worse skill set than the booster. As a result, because of the bad play of one or two of these users, the team loses. And this is unpleasant, in addition, negatively affects the rank.​