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Crazy Electrical Wiring!

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  • Crazy Electrical Wiring!

    I'm really out of my depth here so any thoughts would be great.

    1. I know the wiring in my house is a mess so before hooking up my LM 518, Tube Phono stage and step-up. I had an electrician install a dedicated 20A circuit that only goes to that one outlet nad ground the panel with grounding rods rather than off the pipes.

    2. When i plugged in the unit strange things were happening including:

    -Excessive Phono stage Hum
    -Excessive Amp Hum
    -A high pitched whining noise from the speakers i think but also from the dining room lightbulb when I turned that on
    -a popping sound from the speakers when i turned the bathroom light switch on

    and this is on a circuit that shouldn't really be connected to any of these other circuits.​

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    I wouldn't trust my house to anyone, it's easier to learn to be an electrician yourself​


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      It's not that simple, but an education certainly allows you to do home wiring replacements. You can also get a job as a line electrician with the appropriate education. Gradually gaining experience, you can become an excellent candidate for even more promising positions. I, for example, went to one of the trade schools https://www.onlytradeschools.com/electrician/, although I plan to develop further. I am already licensed and can do electric brushing, climbing poles and doing my job. But I want to go to big sites, I'm interested in that. So, health insurance, paid vacation, etc. are what I need in return for my college education
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        really nice


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