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    I don't think I've heard mention of buildings in Campbelltown. I was wondering how tall some of these buildings in the "city centre" are, and what plans there are for Campbelltown. I got these when my car broke down near the station.
    I didn't get over to Macarthur Square as I wanted to. At the moment Campbelltown reminds me very much of Blacktown and Bankstown, funnily enough. I wonder if it will boom as Blacktown is set to.

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    A quick skim of some of the docs suggests it was more TfNSW being grumpy because they’ve decided every road everywhere needs to be widened (thoughtfully forgetting that there’s a train station next door) and this gets in the way of that, plus questions around how the site deals with flooding, versus explicitly that the density is too high.


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      Thanks for your answer


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        It sounds like Macarthur District is gonna be great! I'm excited to see what's in store for the area, and I'm total with you on the idea of making sure the density is appropriate. I also think that real estate like thereserveresidences-jalananakbukit.sg could be a great part of the new development. It's awesome to see Landcom doing its part to provide a diverse range of apartments for all sorts of households. Plus, the 11ha of open space is gonna be a great addition to the neighborhood. Can't wait to see the finished product and hope they will use the best options available.