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Developer refusing to help with snags

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  • Developer refusing to help with snags

    We recently moved in to a new build in Scotland.

    We got a snag report completed by an external company. Over 150 issues were identified. Most of them were really minor/insignificant so we condensed the list to about 40 items and submitted it to the developer.

    He sent people out to fix the smaller items however there are a few bigger issues outstanding:

    - The adsl/internet port in our living room doesn't work. If we take the faceplate off we can see it has been wired up. The developer has sent someone out to fix it twice however they haven't actually done anything so it remains the same.

    - There are numerous large (in excess of 8 inches) deep scratches in our LVT flooring. The developer sent a French polisher to try and fix them but they actually look worse now.

    - There is a knocking sound in the walls every time we run the water upstairs

    We have emailed the developer about these still outstanding but he has said he isn't prepared to fix them and any future communications should be sent to his solicitor!

    We have spoke to Checkmate as they are the warranty company but they have exclusions on scratched floors and say they will only fix things if it is physical damage so it wouldn't cover the adsl port not working.

    What options do we have? Small claims court?‚Äč

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    small claims court? Why not...


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      Have you considered seeking legal advice to explore your options? Small claims court might be a viable option, but it's best to seek advice from a legal professional first. Regarding finding a developer to help you with your situation, I recommend contacting an aws certified developer. They have extensive knowledge and experience in AWS development and could offer valuable insights for your project.