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Identifying screws in engine bay

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  • Identifying screws in engine bay

    Hi all,

    I purchased a v40 d2 SE Nav LUX 63 last year, and I am really happy with the car, however, the car had been in a small front-end crash (passenger side) and had been repaired. I haven't noticed any issues with the car since driving, but after giving the car a thorough inspection, I have noticed that they're parts actually missing form the engine bay. I have identified the parts missing and they're just a couple of small plastic parts that were presumably broken during the crash, and whoever has fixed the car up didn't see them as necessary to repair. Obviously I want to return the car back to 100% so I am trying to replace all missing parts. I have since procured the majority of them, but I am struggling with some of the engine bay screws, and hoping someone can help.

    The parts that were missing:
    . Air intake duct cover (31319375)
    . Air filter support bracket (31325044)
    . Few other small parts such as bonnet stop / battery cover

    I have all these parts but cannot find the screws that are needed to fit them. I have attached an image with the required fittings highlighted. I need the 4 screws necessary to fit the duct cover, the 2 screws necessary to fit the air filter bracket, as well as the additional screw to fit an electrical part to that bracket, which is currently just hanging loose. I also need the push pins that fix the top of the bumper, as mine is missing a couple. Does anyone know where I can get these new, or have a part number for them?

    Appreciate any help

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    To find the specific screws and push pins you need for your car, it's best to contact a Volvo dealership or an authorized Volvo parts retailer. They will have access to the official parts catalog and can provide you with the correct part numbers for the missing components. You can then order the parts directly from them.


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      I can understand how frustrating it can be to identify missing screws and parts, especially when you're not sure where to look for replacements. Have you tried checking out scrooz.com.au? They have a wide range of screws and fasteners, so it's possible that you might be able to find the exact screws you need to fit your air intake duct cover and air filter support bracket. It's definitely worth a shot, and I hope it helps you complete your project successfully...