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  • Hello Everyone!

    Hellooo!!! TheVloggingBanks here, and I love to play lots of different kinds of games. My favorite kind though is realistic games in shooting or swordplay that require skillful mechanics versus leveling up over an enemy. Even though I know most games are level-based, as long as the levels are not the dominant factor in winning, I tend to enjoy those the most. I also love discussing multiple characters' strengths, weaknesses, story, and style. I look forward to chatting with you guys, and I hope that we can put out some great content!

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    Hi, VloggingBanks, Welcome to fans chats.

    Me too, I prefer games where the level is not the dominant factor in winning, as leveling up always need either time or money. About half year ago, I enjoyed playing Heroes of the Storm MOBA game, as skills & teamworks are more important, and each round is a fair start for everyone and just takes around 20 minutes to 30 minutes for each round. This is where people can show their true gaming skill. Like Hearthstone as well, the Arena is fair to everyone, skills matter the most.


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        Hello, I'm from Bali. Please welcome me to others. Hope we will spend some fun time in fun chats.


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            Hey welcome here.


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              Hey! Glad to see you here in good community!!
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                Hello bro.