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Forgot to Introduce Myself...Dhaval Here!

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  • Forgot to Introduce Myself...Dhaval Here!

    I already started posting without introducing myself, haha. Dhaval here from the World - born and brought up in India. My academic qualifications include a drop-out undergraduate by choice. I'm a writer (an author of a couple of short stories and a future author of three science fiction novels), an actor (short films and digital documentaries, haven't got the big break yet), an amateur astronomer (love to stargaze every single day), and a future astrophysicist (know almost everything there is to know about the theoretical part, wish to discover the innumerable mysteries of space and time from the imaginative and mathematical angles).

    I love to listen to all kinds of music. I ideally prefer to listen to metal (folk metal at that), but I won't mind a good ol' rock number or pop if it tunes up. I love to watch all kinds of movies, ranging from 2001: A Space Odyssey and Citizen Kane, down to Clueless and Liar Liar. In short, I appreciate the French rendition of artistic films as well as the glamorous world of Hollywood/Bollywood, and everything in between. A small secret - I have a fetish for infidelity; love to watch movies based on adultery and extramarital affairs and the likes.

    Books? Bring em on! I prefer science fiction and fantasy, but won't mind a good romance novel or a non-fiction biography from time to time. That would be enough about me for the nonce. Lemme read through all your introductions now!

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    Me, too, je je, felisa from the Rep. of the Philippines. How is everybody here.


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      Welcome Felicia, a pleasure to meet you. Hope you find several interesting groups to chat on over here! Good luck.