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Ariana Grande Plans To Return To Manchester To Perform A Benefit Concert

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  • Ariana Grande Plans To Return To Manchester To Perform A Benefit Concert

    "Ariana Grande just shared a heartfelt message on Instagram following the terror attack at her concert in Manchester on Monday, and she announced her plans to return to the city to perform a benefit concert to raise funds for the victims' families."

    Such a brave girl..

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    I believe she should. People loves her. I know the tragedy is still painful but it's not her fault. Poor girl. These senseless bombings and attacks should be stopped. A lot of innocent people are being victimized by these terrorists.


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      The news about the Ariana Grande's concert bombing was really heartbreaking. My heart went out to her when she tweeted about how bad she felt. Then after the One Love Manchester benefit concert, I was really happy for her. She may not be totally "whole" again after the incident but she is on her way to recovery. Thanks to her support group and ever loving fans.
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        I am so proud of this girl.


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          Terrorism became a very big problem for the modern society, everybody is afraid to go to a concert, or to a cinema or in general in a place where are a lot of people. I am working in a very big club in Sofia and I know that the security is always fixed to control the muslim people more than others. We don't discriminate them, but you should understand that there are hundreds or thousands of people in the club and we need to take care of them. Big respect to Ariana Grande, I knew that she is the best and she loves her fans!
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