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Emma Watson's Beauty and the Breast

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  • Emma Watson's Beauty and the Breast

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    Vanity Fair have released photo shoot images of Emma Watson in a revealing see-thru top barely covering her breasts. The Sun have published an article about the photos and tagged them as 'Beauty and the Breasts'. Many have been wondering if they were fit promotional works for a children's fairy tale upcoming on the big screen soon. The photo which feature Emma on a daring see-thru white geometric inspired designs earned criticisms and comments that rippled in the media.

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    I read that too. Thinking not a good publicity for her upcoming "wholesome" movie. But Emma, the smart girl she is, dissed bashers saying she's just celebrating being a woman. She has a good head on her shoulders.


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      I know Emma is now a grown girl and started exploring his young adult life like that of an adult woman, but since she chose acting as her profession she should know how to really promote for her audience and according to the theme of what movie or film she was promoting with. I know her managers and promoters must know about this and advice her.

      As a person who have that keen eye about body art as well as a fanatic about films, movies, music and the entertainment industry, I just feel these photos of her does not fit as part of the promotions for the upcoming fairytale movie Beauty & the Beast. If she wanted to post and publish these kinds of photos,she should at least do it after the movie was shown as a sign of respect for one of the world's most love children's fairytale.


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        Couln't agree with you more


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          I agree too. I mean, you can really write anything to justify anything at all. Although this picture is not sexualized like many, many others, I really don't know why women have to keep doing this.


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            Originally posted by mircalla View Post
            [I]Although this picture is not sexualized like many, many others,
            Sexualized? Maybe through those malicious and lustful eyes. I can see it more about fashion rather than some porno image.I guess some people really have very poor sense of art. hayssss!


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              This is unacceptable to me. it certainly doesn`t fit into a children`s movie in any way even for promotional purposes.


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                What she wears does not have anything to do with the movies she’s in. And let’s recognise: it’s not like she is going on a walk in this look. It was just for a photo shoot. Women have the right to wear what and how they want. And I don’t see any problem in this. I sometimes like buying interesting pieces of clothing, not common things, but I will never pay as much as the one wore by Emma for the photo shoot. And especially for this king of things I would use the discount offers on Coupon Ninja. But you can all continue arguing on a thing that should not be acceptable this years. We live in a free world and we have the right to decide how we want to be seen by everyone else.
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