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Random movie: High school musical

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  • Random movie: High school musical

    So me and my friends gathered last night to watch a throwback movie, High School Musical, starring Zac Efron As Troy Bolton and Vanessa Hudgens as Gabriella Montez. This movie gave us a lot of feels ‘cause we remember how we felt the first time we’ve watched it before. We still find the songs great. Although our personal favorite was “When There Was Me And You” by Gabriella. It was kind of a funny night because one of our guy friends decided to copy Gabriella’s exaggerated gestures while singing this song (including the walling and the hand flicks). Hahaha.
    Because all of us are working now, it was nice to watch a movie that reminds us if our high school days and how simple life was before.
    How about you guys? Do you want to watch this movie all over again? 😊