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ONE OK ROCK: Japan's Sensational Band going West

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  • ONE OK ROCK: Japan's Sensational Band going West

    I believe that there are lots from you that heard of ONE OK ROCK?

    ONE OK ROCK (actually it's 1 o'clock, because it's Japanese, cute) is a Japanese boy band that (same with my favorite singer, nano) sings their song in both English and Japanese lyrics. They recently started spreading their music to the west with their songs being made into English and Japanese versions. A lot of fans are making this a big commotion on how they are swaying away from their original style but I came to like them even more as they expanded their horizons with music.

    I first discovered them when I watched Samurai X's live action movie series, Rurouni Kenshin, since their songs were used. I listened to their latest song, We Are, and made me start this thread. I want to know who among you here are a fan of this band?
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