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Kiss Goblin and be captivated.

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  • Kiss Goblin and be captivated.

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    [image from unbotheredunnies]

    Imagine someone who is tall, good looking and charming come to ask for a kiss? I'm sure most women will be stunned and freeze still in enchantment. But what if later you found out that this good looking handsome guy was a 160-year old forest goblin? Still care for a kiss and stay to chat?

    Let's unravel the secrets and wishes of Ban Sook played by Bae In Hyuk as he come searching for ladies to give him that opportunity of kissing them in order for him to transform into a human being.

    Kiss Goblin was brought to view through KOKTV by WHYNOT Media. Also in the cast were: Jeon HyeWon, Lee JungMin, Jang EuiSoo. Moon JiYong and Lee SeHee.

    Join us in the discussion below and share the fun and excitement.
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    Episode 1: Kiss 101 - I'll learn one of your emotions. How does it feel if the guy on your dream kissed you so passionately but in return takes away your emotion of emptiness. What would your life be without your emotion of emptiness? You have to find out by watching Kiss Goblin now and tell us below how would your reaction will be?


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      Episode 2: The kiss of compassion. Human emotions are very complicated and one may not be able to handle it and just breakdown. Sometimes, a simple act of compassion can do wonders. How will a 160-year old Forest Goblin cope up? Find out the answers in Kiss Goblin and share us your views by writing your comments or reply to the thread.
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        Episode 3: Sadness is a nasty emotion that many humans have a hard time handling it. What if a goblin who was learning his way to be a human, will handle such difficult emotion. Will he be able to have a way to settle things while learning and feeling all about it?

        Ban Sook is a 160-year old forest goblin is bound to experience sadness and find a way in order to get out of human situations who have been experiencing it. Watch Kiss Goblin to witness the adventures and misadventures of this struggling goblin who wanted to become a human by kissing.