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How to Choose an Online Data Backup Solut

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  • How to Choose an Online Data Backup Solut

    Speed - Data upload speed is critically important, especially for large backups. Before choosing a data backup solution, check the upload speeds for those on your list (usually listed as Mbps or Kbps). Remember, 1MB = 1,000KB, so choose appropriately. We found SOS Online backup to provide the fastest speeds in the industry, but feel free to do your own research and choose wisely.

    Devices covered - Consider how many recover data after factory reset samsung​ household devices you'd like covered under this subscription and choose a data backup accordingly. Many solutions will only protect one PC at a time, but some, like SOS Online backup for example, cover up to five household devices at once. That's a great value, if you can take advantage of it.

    Automation - Never choose a data backup solution that doesn't offer fully automated protection. You want to be able to set up your initial backup, and then never have to think about it again. New files and changed files should both be backed up automatically, without question. Data sync services like Skydrive and Dropbox are great for working on files remotely, but the lack of automation makes them a poor choice for data backup.