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5 More Things You Can Found On The Dark Web

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  • 5 More Things You Can Found On The Dark Web

    It should not come as any surprise that the seed of the Internet is a haven for underbelly terrorist and hate groups. The Dark Web has been in much discussion recently as the investigation revealed the fact that ISIS was using the Dark Web for recruitment and communications. They were also posting execution videos on the dark web that were not released to the public. ISIS is a fan of using TOR sites for its propaganda, as they are difficult to take down or their communications have to be tracked.

    And ISIS is not the only group to benefit from the Dark Web. Multiple white supremacy groups have taken to the Dark Web to post their propaganda and recruit themselves. Other hate groups are also fans of hiding their communications in the Darknet links​.

    It seems that hatred thrives easily when it cannot be associated with an offline identity.