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What's the best part about NCT 127's comeback?

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  • What's the best part about NCT 127's comeback?

    For many fans, NCT 127's comeback "Limitless" might be one of the most anticipated for the beginning of 2017. For those familiar with when they were just the SMRookies or SR16B, these boys became the beloved new, young talent of SM Entertainment. The formation of NCT (Neo Culture Technology) was designed to have infinite members with infinite concepts, being able to add, replace and switch around members as much as possible.

    But why would are some fans excited this time around? Johnny Seo (Korean name - Seo Youngho) has finally debuted!

    Johnny has been a trainee for 9 years and was even supposed to debut with EXO back in 2012. Now, the Chicago-born rookie, who's been the source of various memes made by sad and disappointed fans (to ease the feeling of deprivation) can now be put to rest, because JOHNNY IS DEBUTING!

    2017 may just be a good year

    Let's say goodbye to these memes

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