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COVER by APINK: What Would Have Been by Psy

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  • COVER by APINK: What Would Have Been by Psy

    So during their latest comeback last month, Apink performed a cover of Psy's song titled "what would have been". This song was recently performed by Psy himself and IU in Fantastic Duo and as expected, it was great. But Apink's performance in Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook is one of a kind of the same song is one of a kind. This song brought out the rapper in every member. Let's talk about their individual performances one by one:

    Bomi: She sang the first verso of the song, and it was badass. She really came on strong and confident. Almost gave me goosebumps.

    Naeun: Who would have thought that Naeun would rap? Well, she did and it was awesome. She also did good on the chorus part. Her vocals were clear.

    Eunji: Well, there's nothing that this girl can't do. So let's just say that she slayed this performance as always.

    Namjoo: She's really outstanding not just in this performance but for the whole comeback since "Only One". Her vocals are really soulful and relaxing to the ears. Her rap was sweet and sexy as well.

    Hayoung: Okay, we can conclude that this girl is the queen of harmonization. She can harmonize with every member in Apink. You will appreciate it with this performance.

    Chorong: Well, I've never seen this girl as confident as she was in this performance. It was like she was made for rapping. She looked super cool and confident. Her singing vocals were also impecable.

    Watch out for their performace here and tell me what you think: