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MV: Missing You by BTOB

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  • MV: Missing You by BTOB

    Why didn't I know BTOB sooner? This was the thought in my head right after I listened to the new song of BTOB, Missing You. This song is so heart breaking. It is about missing a person too much and you don't exactly know what to do. Everyone's vocals here are on point! Ilhoon's rap is super cool, 'cause he's my bias now.

    Trivia: The members incorporated sign language in their choreography., in the chorus part. They also managed to get 7 wins from music shows, and got their first Inkigayo win.

    Watch the MV here:


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    Thanks for the sharing~ listen to Missing You by BTOB on the youtube link you posted really makes my night time get detached from hectic day~ enjoy your day too!! Don't have time for the lyrics yet, but really like the music and their singing a lot~ even without lyrics the feeling is there


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      I am sorry but still i didn't hear this song. But thanks for sharing, i love to hear sad songs. It makes me so calm. I am glad i have found your post, actually i am searching for the online resume editor and my friend told me, in this forum website i will surely find it. Sorry, if it looks like spam.