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MV: Orion by Apink

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  • MV: Orion by Apink

    A month ago, Apink released their latest japanese single, Orion. I must say that this song is by far my most favorite japanese single from them. I wished that they promoted this song on music shows, but sadly, up until now, I haven't seen any live performances of this song yet. (I'm still waiting!)

    This song has nostalgic feels, i don't know why but listening to this brings me back to my high school memories of looking at the stars at night and thinking of that person that's special to you.

    Apink members are exceptionally beautiful here. But I thinks that Hayoung and Bomi stood out more in this music video.

    Watch the MV here:


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    Ah, long time didn't hear Japanese songs but only kpop recently, and it sounds so nice to hear Apink sings Orion, awesome music )


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      I had heard this single and it is really good. I have been listening to it on a repeat. Although I don;t quite understand Japanese but the tune of the song is really addictive. By the way, I was searching online for some essay writing service uk reviews as I wanted to use their services. I would like to know if anyone here has used their services before.