Andhra University isn't only one of the most established instructive organizations in the nation but on the other hand is the first to be considered as a private and educating cum-affiliating University, for the most part, committed to post-graduate educating and research.

The individuals of the State have a passionate connection to the organization since it appeared after a drawn-out and aggregate battle of the Telugu tip-top for a University in the instructively in reverse northern Circars and Ceded areas of the past Madras Presidency.

Mainly Andhra University was established by the Madras Act of 1926. The 82-year-old foundation is blessed to have Sir C.R. Reddy as its author Vice-Chancellor, as the means taken by this visionary demonstrated to be productive over the long haul.
The pioneers of the college consistently accepted that greatness in advanced education is the best speculation for the nation and connected with the administrations of well-known educationists, for example, Dr. T.R. Seshadri, Dr.S.Bhagavantham, Professor Humayan Kabir, Professor Hiren Mukherjee and Dr. V.K.R.V. Rao, to make reference to a rare sorts of people who set exclusive expectations for educating and research. Nobel Lariat C V Raman was the pleased former student of the University and intently connected with establishing research frameworks in Physics. Padmavibhushan Prof.C.R Rao, the eminent analyst of the world, was additionally the glad graduate of the Andhra University.