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Block B's Park Kyung back with mini-album this month!

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  • Block B's Park Kyung back with mini-album this month!

    Park Kyung, having fame rivaled with his band-mate Zico's, is back this month with his mini-album Notebook. He has already released his promotional schedule as well.

    With schedule consisting of mostly teasers, the official music video(s) and album will be released on the 18th. With the teaser images that have already been released it seems the album will have five tracks and the double title tracks will be, When I'm With You and Memories. As a fan of his previous release - Inferiority Complex and Ordinary, I can't wait for an actual mini album.

    Here are some of the teasers released so far (instagram.com/qkrrud78).

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    Maybe I'm just a sucker for the male-rapper/female-vocalist duo setup, but I really liked his previous releases so I'm definitely looking forward to this one. That and Kyung has always been something of a bias wrecker in Block B for me because I find his voice appealing--


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      I totally agree rynnerae ! His voice is really attractive when he raps. And he's very good at composing songs.


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        KayDoubleU : He actually used to be my bias. His singing voice is pretty good, too. Not as good as Taeil's, of course, but it does have its appeal. My first Block B song was Nanrina and I loved the way he rapped them English words. * *