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Your best k-pop girl and boy band?

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  • Your best k-pop girl and boy band?

    I can see this subject is not yet covered. For me, girl band - definitely T-ara. I know it might be so obvious, but I really like them. My best friend first discovered them to me, and I really liked how they did two different versions of the song Bo peep bo peep, one cute and one sexy and dangerous version when it comes to boy bands, SHINee for me.

    What about you? How come this subject is not yet covered? it's the abc's

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    I like T-ara music as well, but for the boy band, I prefer big-bang and exo. I like the talent of G-Dragon from big-bang and Exo dancing, one of the members of Exo studied a lot of dancing and dance very very well, and I really enjoy them dancing. And I started to like big bang because of haru haru MV anyway.


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      G-Dragon is awesome, how could I forget him. I get the feeling that he's not so commercial as others are, there is some art to him. So that's of course highly rated in my eyes. To be honest, SHInee is a guilty pleasure, but we all have those, don't we?


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        I'm in a lot of fandoms, but my personal favorites among boybands would have to be B1A4 and BTS. The former's musical style and the members' voices are the kind that always just grabs me by the ears, and the latter really captured me with their relatable lyrics as well as their upbeat sound. I really like how both groups are growing musically. As for girl groups, I enjoy SPICA and MAMAMOO. I'm obviously a sucker for vocals, since both groups' members all have wonderful voices.

        P.S. I highly recommend B1A4's A Lie and Nightmare from their newest album Good Timing!