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New Plaigiarism Scandal Clouds Legend of the Blue Sea

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  • New Plaigiarism Scandal Clouds Legend of the Blue Sea

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    With reports coming out that the popular K Drama, The Legend of the Blue Sea dominating the airwaves on SBS faces plagiarism claims anew telling the series was something similar to the plot of a movie she have screen written 10 years ago. The screenwriter of the movie The Legend of Hae Wol Sea: Pearly Shells told reporters the similarity on some of the elements that was in the story she have already written before. The writer was hesitant to claim it was really fully copied from her original work but she noted the similarities on the currently airing K-drama. Afraid of legalities of suit, the writer just said, should they try to pursue demolition, she might as wuoell just go die. Will the producers act for a legal claim or is this just some kind of publicity to make the drama spells rule on the ratings? The Yibada recently listed Goblin garnered more than 15 percent of the audience share in their time slot of their viewer survey which was said to be its highest recorded ratings yet.

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    As someone who didn't have a chance to read The Legend of Hae Wol Sea: Pearly Shells, I don't have much to say to this issue.

    But if the author himself said that it wasn't "plagiarized", then it's not. Or, if it really was, it doesn't change the fact that the series stole hearts from millions of people around the world (including me). In fact, the author should just use this to get money. Since that's how business and entertainment world works. (lolol)
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      The same thing goes to my mind too Linzz. Plagiarism was a serious offense especially to copyright media like movies and films. I'm sure the producers and screenwriting officers of the production must have fully did their homework not to implicate the production, the network and of course the actors on the outcome of their work. I truly think this might just be one of those marketing flicks to package the show and no need to worry at all.