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  • Beauty tips

    Try to be good inside automatically your outside skin glows....

    Drink 3 Liter of water daily to avoid dryness in your skin

    Sleep 8 hrs a day to avoid under eye dark circles

    Often smile your face looks beautiful

    Wash your face when you are tired

    Protect yourself from sun damage

    Watch your diet

    Relax yourself with rose water/cucumber on your eyelids .... and so on

    If interested I'll give you so many beauty tips, home remedies for any health issues...

    Stay healthy

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    Oh wow, good tips! Do you have a blog or something?


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      Thank you....

      But don't have blogs yet...

      Writing an article about beauty tips and herbal home remedies for beauty and health issues


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        Originally posted by PONMALAR View Post
        Thank you....

        But don't have blogs yet...

        Writing an article about beauty tips and herbal home remedies for beauty and health issues
        That's nice. I like alternative medicines, not only involving herbal remedies but other ways too like acupuncture, reike, etc. You should have a blog if you like writing a lot. It's a good outlet.


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          Thanks for sharing. I am also more into alternative or herbal solutions. It will be really nice if you would have a blog with that topic.


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            Thank you Guys.... Sure I'll create a nice energetic blog quickly and inform you both


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              I definitely agree that drinking 8 hours (or more) glasses per day helps clear the skin and detoxify the body


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                How can you hold so much water? I can't bring myself to drink.


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                  Good advice. I also believe that it is important to take care of natural beauty with the help of natural cosmetics. I am a cosmetologist with a short experience. In my work, I use various natural oils and herbs, as well as masks made of fruits and vegetables. My clients adore these procedures and almost all of them become regular customers of my beauty salon. Now I am additionally taking advanced training courses at nwcollege.edu and I hope this knowledge will allow me to do my job even better.
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                    In addition, many people visit a doctor of dermatology if they have stretch marks, which can happen after pregnancy or losing a lot of weight. There are specialized laser treatments that dermatologist chico​ can use to help with stretch marks that creams simply cannot do. Your skin is the first aspect of you that you present to the world, and therefore, rather than hiding your stretch marks with clothing, you can have them treated and removed or diminished greatly.


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