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  • Passion for Fashion

    Today, I was very overwhelmed to have known and read about how her passion for fashion can make someone her so special and person and very extraordinaire. Read about a youth named Isabella Springmuhl and her passion for fashion in my blog YellowChevy's Corner.

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    I've seen a video about this randomly playing on my facebook newsfeed. I was quite moved by how she overcame the appearance that everyone in her childhood kept on bullying and turned her talents it into something that will indicate her that she's "her". Still, I am impressed.
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      This girl is a badass. Wow, and to have accomplished all this at such a young age. Thanks for sharing, YellowChevy


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        A real inspiration indeed. You're very much welcome Kati.


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          Glad to know about the passion for fashion of Isabella Springmuhl. Whatever the age of any individual, everyone has unique ideas for the fashion statement. Young adults transform their fashion slowly, though they are aware of what is new or not. Fashion trends are something which is ever changing and you need to change with it too. One of my friends is very passionate about the sunglasses, Which is the best ever fashion accessories. She has around ten pairs of sunglasses, which she bought from this site also recommended me to buy from the same.


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            Amazing girl. Her designs is my inspiration. She built an impressive portfolio in very young age

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