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  • Where do you get your books?

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    In this age of the internet, do you still read books from the library or book shops?

    During my college days, I used to buy and read my favorite books from the local bookstore. I also frequented libraries just to read interesting titles. But now, I can read novels of my favorite authors on ebook format and sometimes on audio format.

    But whenever I passed on a bookstore or library, I would always flip on the books I'd love to read. I usually prefer hardbound over soft bounds. But since they took much space and worn out easily, I hardly now buy them and instead download them now online.

    What about you?

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    I usually buy books at Book Sales. Mostly, they sell second-hand books that's why it's much cheaper compared to the local book stores. But when the book I desperately want to read is not there, I make sure to buy it even at a high price at book stores.


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      Much of my books were loaned from friends, some I bought on the local bookstore and some I bought online. But nowadays, I frequented Goodreads and some book portals that offers free online readings and downloads. Amazon was also a good source but you need to review their books in exchange for the free reading.


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        I buy them from Amazon.


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          Yes Amazon is one good source of quality authors and books. I love the way Amazon encourages 'free reading' as away to promote their books online. I got to read some books even before they even get to be bestsellers. Really good value service from Amazon.


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            Before in a library or book store but now in the internet since many books are free or easily to search.


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              For hardbound books, I consult Crossword and another major book stall in the city. Usually, Crossword doesn't stock my favorites, but the latter more often than not does. Online, I always go with gutenberg.org or goodreads. I don't have a specific reading style. I won't mind reading either over the digital platform or hardbound books.


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                Booksale if fun. I usually get my fave books there in a reasonable price. It may be second hand but the books are usually in good condition.