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Dungeon Delivery Beginners/Newbie Tips

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  • Dungeon Delivery Beginners/Newbie Tips

    Okay, I only have started playing this game just now and I have gotten the hang of the game.

    So, as you already know this game is far from that grinding, dungeon crawler RPG games that most of us have played already
    like those other RPG android game..

    Examples (Zenonia, SOL and many others)

    Anyway, let's cut to the chase..

    So, here goes...
    So, I started to play the game and it was kind of cute.. The characters are cute, the monsters are cute, everything is made cute.
    All of them were Chibis.. hehe XD
    The graphics is nice.. It's smooth and it is easy to play.. Like really easy to play..

    But! Beware, this game really needs focus though.. It's not like a child's play.. It can be tough too..
    So, here.. The first thing I will need to say for you beginners out there right now (Just like me) is that when you first play this game..
    I recommend you that you might want to level up your dungeons first.. Because, every time you will complete a delivery it will give you loots..
    Those loots are limited though.. Especially when you are just starting to play.. That's why I recommend you to level them up first rather than
    crafting items and selling them to those NPCs.. The number of loots depends on the level of the destination of your delivery
    You can find that level up sign in the upper right corner of the
    screen when you click a dungeon.. It will really help you a lot and will make the game for you much easier..
    Make sure to level it up to it's max (Well, 3 is the max level i think).. It will really help you get much more gold from all those warriors
    and mages that are asking you to craft something for them..

    Well, after you will be able to max the levels of those delivery destinations to it's max.. You won't have a hard time crafting
    items that those NPCs needed and that also means more gold and hearts for you..
    Those gold will help you upgrade your delivery boy (character)..You would be able to upgrade your health and speed now..
    Well, speed costs so much so I recommend that you just want to upgrade your health first..
    Think later of your speed.. Because, there are delivery destinations where you can't avoid to get damage..

    Talking about damage.. Mobs here really deals damage a lot.. So, UPGRADE YOUR HEALTH!
    later with the speed.. So there..
    This will be my first Tip for this game..

    I'll be writing some more Tips about this game soon..
    Stay Tuned

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