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    Nowadays kids are very addicted in computer games. It may be a downloaded / online games.

    Oh my GOD!!!!

    It's very difficult for the parents to handle them ....

    It will affect their learning attitude... - Not ready to read books or find new things to earn
    Unable to concentrate in their studies.... - All time with the games won't help them in future...
    Don't know the value of the relationship... - Avoid to speak with their parents and also relatives....

    I am really worrying about this very much...

    What about you.... Any Ideas...

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    While you do bring up some valid points, I'm afraid I wholly disagree with you.

    While it is true that kids can get addicted to video games, I feel that that argument can apply to anything. Albeit, books, movies, even studies, which are all unhealthy if you take it to an extreme. It can damage your social life, as well as your mental and physical health. I feel that it is prejudiced to only target this blame to video games, when anything which is not taken in moderation can be harmful.

    While it is true, that relationships can be strained through the overuse of video games, it is important to consider that the child may have other relationships online, making friends on online games is a critical aspect of gameplay, and some friendships can last a long time. I believe, that games do not damage the child's perception of relationships, and can even strengthen it in some aspects. Furthermore, certain games teach children the importance of relationships and love. Not all games revolve around dismembering and killing.

    Games are art. They are tools of storytelling that not many people accept and respect. It involves a deeper level of immersion into the story which I feel is important. A book is important. Being well read and well educated is paramount, I agree. However, video games allow storytelling like no other, a level of immersion no other platform can reach and has the potential to be a great educational device for children.

    In conclusion, I agree that when video games become an unhealthy obsession, it can be dangerous to a child's growth. However, this applies to everything, so it is not fair to discriminate against it. I hope that you understand my argument, and see this form of media in a new light. Best of luck on your future endeavors.


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      Talking from experience, i must agree with PowerWolfie99. I have played games my entire life a minimum of 1-3h per day and many days more than that. My parents never really put a limit into how much i can play, yet I always loved studying, learning new skills, doing sports or involving myself in social activities with my friends. As a matter of fact playing video-games is a perfect way to make friends too!

      Recognizing video-games as a form of entertainment that has less priority than studying and social activities is key. I never put playing video-games above anything else. For me it's just a hobby that I do when I don't have anything else to do.

      My advice to you is that your children never play life-draining games (MMORPG or MOBA's) such as: LoL (League of Legends), Dota2, WoW (World of Warcraft)...etc. These tend to be very time-consuming for what you actually play. You require to be online lots of hours and it's easy to lose your life to it. So stay away from them.

      Maybe you could even use it to your advantage! If one of your children has homework, you can encourage him/her to do it by letting him/her play after finishing it. That way they stay motivated.


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        Honestly I think they can be pretty beneficial


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          I agree with you, games nowadays can be very useful for brain activity and I noticed that children who play video games are more capable. For example, my son is playing Minecraft, he loves this game a lot but he also has time to learn and he is one of the best in his class. In my opinion a part of his abilities he got due to games, he is very smart and if he doesn't know something he easily can find the answer on the internet. For example, he wanted to make his own server in Minecraft, but he didn't know how to do this and after a little research he found a very good minecraft server hosting services that helped him to make his server.
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            I agree!!!!! I don't know what to do with my child


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              That's not entirely true if you teach them self-discipline. If you punish time every time they want to spend a little more time in front of the PC, well, it won't work. On the other hand, games are proven to enhance the reflexes of a child and memory. So they're not a total waste. You can find more here if you don't trust me. But you shouldn't be so angry at it, try and analyze things from another perspective. I'm sure after you'll do a little bit of research, you'll agree with me.
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                I'm a game developer, and from that point of view, the most interesting game is minecraft. Let me explain: I work for a company where one of its departments is minecraft mods developing. My company developed most storage system mods and participated in others, like pixelmon. Minecraft has such congruence with external files that's why very easy to code mods and not like all the video games market (full of shit). Pixelmon is one of my favorites as a game to play and as one to code. Go and play on minecraft pixelmon servers; you'll thank me (and your pc will too)