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Balls VS Blocks Game by Voodoo (iOS / Android) Review

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  • Balls VS Blocks Game by Voodoo (iOS / Android) Review

    This topic is to share & list all Balls VS Blocks official sites to play the game, as well as related useful sites & information.

    Here is the official Apple iTunes link for you to download and play Balls VS Blocks on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), by Voodoo.
    - App Store (U.S.): Download & Play Balls VS Blocks on iOS devices
    - App Store (based on your country): Download & Play Balls VS Blocks on iOS devices

    More on Balls VS Blocks game official sites:
    - Balls VS Blocks Official Website

    Watch Balls VS Blocks Unofficial Gameplay Walkthrough - First Look:

    Here are the (Game Developer) Voodoo official sites and support for Balls VS Blocks:
    - http://voodoo.io

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    - List of all games developed by Voodoo on iTunes App Store

    Below are the screenshots & features for Balls VS Blocks game on mobile:

    Screenshot 1:

    Screenshot 2:

    Screenshot 3:

    Screenshot 4:

    Screenshot 5:

    Balls VS Blocks release date is on May 16, 2017, a Voodoo entertainment game which you can download and play on mobile for Free, with storage space requirement of 59.6 MB.

    If you found other related official websites for this Balls VS Blocks game besides iOS like android apk, google play store, FB, Twitter, wiki, or other sites to download & play Balls VS Blocks, share with us in the replies below.

    You can also write your own description & review for this Balls VS Blocks game and share with us in the replies below.

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    A very creative and simple game, though the basic idea is actually from the Ballz by Ketchup (the game which rank 1 on US app store for quite a long time). The graphic and basic concept are the same for these two games. For Balls VS Blocks, you have to keep collecting your balls to increase the ball counts, and whenever you knock on the bricks or tiles, you loses balls based on the number indicated by the bricks (as the balls are used to knock the bricks for the number of times it needed to break them). If you ball number drops to 0, which is likely to happen if your ball counts are lesser than the number indicated on the bricks, then you are game over.

    There is no sound or music for this game, so you can secretly play this game during your work without your boss knowing it, or you can play some of your own favorite music and play with it. Though the basic concept and graphic is based on the popular Ketchup balls game, it's still a very creative gameplay and worth a try as it's quite addictive for killing time. (Though different gameplay but the original Ballz by Ketchup is the original and much better.)


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