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    I am currently playing Zynga Poker and NBA Live on my Iphone. I used to play Photo Finish (horseracing game) before that


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      ONLINE CHESS.. it's very addicting.. and on top of that your game will improve..


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        I am playing TOWNSHIP now... I love to play mobile games like Clumsy Ninja, Graden Spaces, Fishdom, Gummy Drop, Toy Blast, Dragon Mania Legends and so on....

        My play store is full of games....

        I am very addicted to Puzzle games...


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          PUBG all time favorite


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            Recently, I was interested in pubg because all my friends and acquaintances played this game every day, I liked to spend time in it. Now I am interested in a game called Among Us because it has become popular and absolutely everyone has played it at least once. In addition, I play another equally interesting game for which rocket league trading is very useful and I use it every time I play this wonderful art, I can't call it anything else, otherwise it would not have captured me so much
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              I play just the basic stuff cause I don't really enjoy mobile gaming, it doesn't give me the same feeling as the real PC games do, but that's just my preference. During the past few months, due to the fact that I no longer had a job, I've been able to have fun with all of the games that have been waiting on my wishlist for the last couple of years. The one that I want to start just after Christmas is Streets of Rage 4 cause I really enjoyed the previous ones. I get all of my keys for the games from here https://www.cdkeysforgames.com/games...ets-of-rage-4/ I think this site was what helped me get through this year.
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