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  • FIFA Mobile Soccer Game Review

    Below are the customer reviews for this FIFA Mobile Soccer game on the official itunes apple app store.

    Gamer 1 review: (rating 1/5 stars) - EA FIX YOUR GAME!!!!
    Random game crashes, lag, and random frame drops make this app almost unplayable!!! Please fix this, i love this game and i love the fun and quick gameplay that you cant get from a reg fifa game. Game crashes mostly happen when i start a event and i lose my energy or/and lose fans! 11/10 would play pes again (i just kidding fifa is better good job!)

    Gamer 2 review: (rating 1/5 stars) - Now it won't even let me play??
    Fix the game EA.

    Gamer 5 review: (rating 1/5 stars) - for the new update
    its no need describing. ea just want money and they don't care about the way they choose to earn it !

    Gamer 6 review: (rating 2/5 stars) - Don't Spend Money
    The only reason to play this game is because they have the rights to the world's best footballers. Other than that, do not spend money on this game because they can make your players worthless in a single update. The latest update is complete trash and has ruined the gameplay. Very little about the gameplay is realistic. Players from your own team will block your own shots (seriously). This game is designed to extract money from those who use it. Be warned.

    Gamer 7 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Great
    Make a NHL mobile please

    Gamer 8 review: (rating 4/5 stars) - So much to be fixed
    The game crashes so many times, I can barely play. After the new update, it doesn't let me get into the game, it just stays loading. Then I have to restart my phone THEN it usually works. Please fix.

    Gamer 9 review: (rating 1/5 stars) - Like seriously developers?
    After the update , game isn't working , its sticks on loading loading and loading , I wasted like whole 30 mins on that thing still can't move forward!

    Gamer 10 review: (rating 1/5 stars) - Bad update
    Lost all it's charm after latest update. No fouls, superhuman GKs, nerfed attackers, different behavior of same players in different overall teams, etc.

    Gamer 11 review: (rating 1/5 stars) - New update is terrible
    New update to attack mode/Tourney allows defenders to foul you 80% of the time no call. Goalies have apparently received a buff and stop a lot of goals that used to be given. If you're running Reus mobile master every mode has taken him out of the equation, he may get 1 touch in 10 offensive starts(wing attacks, etc). Glad I saved up for mobile master that can't be used...My scoring has gone down by over 50% with the exact formation and play style... it appears FIFA wanted to buff defenses however it's taken the fun out of it, reading other ratings I know I'm not the only one

    Gamer 12 review: (rating 1/5 stars) - Always server down
    The most unconnected game i have ever played. Its either all the time maintenance break or no connection found after every 1 minute ... y cant you ppl upgrade your connectivity problems? Y cant u upgrade your servers? I deleted this game just in anger with connection problem with the server & downloaded to write this review about this game. So that no one else throw his/her mobile just because if this game.

    Gamer 13 review: (rating 2/5 stars) - Fix problem with new version
    After update this version, my app alway have crash when upload result to server. Please fix this problem. Thanks

    Gamer 14 review: (rating 3/5 stars) - Great game but the new update has locked me out!!!!!!
    I can't get past the splash screen. It says I need to update but when I attempt to update, if says launch the game and never completes loading.

    Gamer 15 review: (rating 1/5 stars) - Cant get my fb pic to stop showing
    Ever since the upgrade i cant stop my fb pic to show as thumbnail... i keep on selecting the team pic to be shown as pic but it keeps the fb pic ... this is just frustrating

    Gamer 16 review: (rating 1/5 stars) - It's terrible.....
    Worst game every update it gets worst and worst. Its too slow the players are too slow while gaming, the attacking mode got worst u cant score goal 👎👎 too bad ......Are kaka bo watan law yaria krdwa saqattan krdwa har yari penakre awa chia. Emanm namawa badast aw camerayawa aw stora qora aw danani game plan w yarixanakan. La App Store a 7aqa har bisrnnawa blen awa la dastman darchw bw. Lagal rezma...

    Gamer 17 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Best soccer app
    Amazing soccer app. Like no other

    Gamer 18 review: (rating 4/5 stars) - If possible in the next updates
    Could you add the women national and club teams in the games

    Gamer 19 review: (rating 1/5 stars) - Please fix the new update the game doesn't work
    Since the last update, I am having many problems, the game does not start, or sometimes it is not responsive, it's very frustrating. Not fun to play like this.

    Gamer 20 review: (rating 2/5 stars) - Horrible Coders and Interactive Play
    Really buggy and annoying interaction with the game.
    The coders need to get off the pot and get it right!!!

    Gamer 21 review: (rating 3/5 stars) - Please read developers
    This app should have save and exit enabled so you can save and exit on like throw-ins and stuff because if you exit out you forfeit. Next make it easier to level up I find that at about level 45 it took me like 3 weeks of 24/7 playing to finally go from level 44-45 last is the fact that you have to take forever to actually get to about a 80 overall unless you spend money which is dumb in my opinion also bug crashes make you forfeit which is very annoying but other than that stuff it is five stars please make the season mode a little bit easier please

    Gamer 22 review: (rating 2/5 stars) - Was great but...
    Game was great since last update. Now unplayable, frequently crashes and loses connection. Should get rid of whoever does QA testing.

    Gamer 23 review: (rating 3/5 stars) - Ever since the update with hazard
    Ever science this hazard update, it's been made ridiculously easy to get elites. It also changed the overall game play. I am the only one who has seemed to get dramatically worse at this game since the update? My team isn't even that bad.

    Gamer 24 review: (rating 1/5 stars) - HORRIBLE
    This is the worst fifa mobile game ever made poor graphics and bad game play since the latest update this game has been even more hard and worsening please just fix this then maybe i will dn it again.

    Gamer 25 review: (rating 2/5 stars) - Was great but now non functional
    The game was great and super fun with awesome gameplay and features. But it started to not be able to load anything at all. No packs games, nothing. I've tried everything but nothing works and I'm very disappointed that its not working cuz I had a great team. The game is awesome but I'd love to actually be able to play it please!!! 😡👎☹️

    Gamer 26 review: (rating 4/5 stars) - G
    It will not let me in the game

    Gamer 27 review: (rating 3/5 stars) - Can't get past the 1st screen
    Keeps spinning and timing out. Can't even play anymore. Just spins and spins then timeouts.

    Gamer 28 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Good

    Gamer 29 review: (rating 1/5 stars) - After last update 1star
    After last update 1star👎🏻

    Gamer 30 review: (rating 1/5 stars) - F this app🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻
    Every time I am in the middle of a game FIFA crashes.Once I open it it said I forfeit.This happens every time I play a matching and even if I delete it and download it again the same thing happens😡😡.Fix It Please

    Gamer 31 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - FIFA
    Best game ever!

    Gamer 32 review: (rating 1/5 stars) - Hate The New Update!
    The new update has made this game horrible! You can't score goals against a team that is higher then you and I would not recommend this game to anybody.

    Gamer 33 review: (rating 1/5 stars) - Game is crap
    When I move on offense it says I tapped on a random spot and then passes it there

    Gamer 34 review: (rating 4/5 stars) - Suggestions
    Please add commentary

    Gamer 35 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - 🤙🏻
    Good app

    Gamer 36 review: (rating 2/5 stars) - Terrific game but please fix attack mode seasons!
    The 3/31 update ruined this game. Instead of leveling the playing field EA neutered the speed of expensive and carefully crafted offenses. Fouls are non-existent now no matter how badly defenders maul the offensive players. Goalies are like supermen flying all over the place. The goal posts are the size of tree trunks as are the legs of defenders who seem capable of stopping any shot if they are anywhere in the vicinity of the shooter.
    This used to be a really fun game until EA decided to take skill completely out of the equation.

    Gamer 37 review: (rating 1/5 stars) - What happened?
    Finally got to play this game... its garbage now, players perform like robots randomly doing stupid things. Constantly bounces back to one button control. Why on earth would you have a one button control? Idiotic.

    Gamer 38 review: (rating 1/5 stars) - Awful
    I hate the new update. They got rid of the pass and shoot buttons

    Gamer 39 review: (rating 1/5 stars) - Malo
    Muy difícil está para hacer goles, deben mejorar eso

    Gamer 40 review: (rating 3/5 stars) - Passing
    Need to make it where the players pass doesn't take 1-3 bounces when they are normally passing it's super annoying when they pass and they can't keep it on the ground

    Gamer 41 review: (rating 3/5 stars) - New update not working
    Since updating, I can't get past the splash screen. Please fix.
    While I'm here:
    Pros: Gameplay. I'm impressed with what EA have done on the mobile platform in terms of how close this is to the console gameplay. Obviously mobile is lacking a little in comparison but the gameplay is the strong point here.
    Something should also be said for the creativity these guys have when coming up with new "plans," but completing these plans is another story.
    Cons: New update: So far, since updating, I haven't been able to get past the "tap to play" splash screen. Just gets stuck loading on the following screen.
    Previous versions: The plans would seem to be the best way to get elite level players, but to complete a plan of any real worth one would need to spend A LOT of time playing live events for tokens and the like. I mean hours per day. Often times a plan will require MANY tokens, which are easy to obtain on their own, but will also require some other item that is VERY DIFFICULT to obtain. The idea here is of course to make players feel so close to completing a plan and getting a nice player that they spend real $ to get the final piece. If you don't want to spend any real $ , be prepared to play A LOT.

    Gamer 42 review: (rating 1/5 stars) - Add the pass and shoot buttons back
    Seriously, this last update killed it for me. Gameplay feels more erratic without those two (very important) buttons.

    Gamer 43 review: (rating 3/5 stars) - Changes bad and unstable
    I miss the version that let us play against actual teams. The last World Cup version was incredible. This new March 29 2017 update CRASHES all the time and says user forfeited matches. The crashes also cost points and stamina.

    Gamer 44 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Amazing
    It's like ultimate team in FIFA 17

    Gamer 45 review: (rating 1/5 stars) - Unknown error
    So I downloaded the game and tried playing it but every time I press "Play" it tells me there is an unknown error. So I can't even play the game.

    Gamer 46 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Good game
    Nice just imporved

    Gamer 47 review: (rating 4/5 stars) - Great
    I Love this game it is very fun. The only thing I dont Like is that you have to pay or play for a long time to get the players I want. I would suggest that you give us more money or more opportunitties to get good players. Thank you.

    Gamer 48 review: (rating 2/5 stars) - Gameplay issues
    I enjoy the game, but I play less since the update. Tons of gameplay bugs to work out. CAM is a useless position now and the center CB is involved in just about every play. EA needs to work this out.

    Gamer 49 review: (rating 5/5 stars) - Cool stuff

    Gamer 50 review: (rating 1/5 stars) - Unfair
    Es realmente injusto invertí 30000 coins para comprar un trofeo élite y otros 30000 para tres escudos Del Real Madrid para completar un plan y que me salió? dos estupidos jugadores plata y uno oro esto es una porqueria que si los vendo solo me darán 4000 coins ya me canse no recomiendo este juego voy a desinstalarlo es un fraude debería darles vergüenza EA sports. 😤😡

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    Even if I'm not a soccer fan, I still enjoyed this game!


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      I am not a sporty type of person but because of this game I can play soccer without even sweating. It runs smooth in my tab though it needs improvements. It is really a fun and entertaining game. Worth downloading.


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        Originally posted by Jessetem View Post
        I am not a sporty type of person but because of this game I can play soccer without even sweating. It runs smooth in my tab though it needs improvements. It is really a fun and entertaining game. Worth downloading.
        Hahaha we are the same, my friend. I will take your advice and try this game later this afternoon.


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          Haha, yeah thanks for considering my post . Try it out and see if we have a same thought about this game


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            I really like the Fifa series. I must have played FUT on Fifa 15 for more than 200 hours. Eventually I was able to get clean and stop playing bc it made me really angry to lose online games and I raged hard. Hope this app isnt as frustrating as the real thing Happy gaming