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Which game are you playing right now?

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  • Which game are you playing right now?

    Currently I am playing Mad Max on PC and as always, Rocket League.

    Which games are you playing right now?

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    I'm late on the Outlast train! I just recently got it and have been trying it.


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      I'm playing Battlefield 1 but I'm starting to get over it a bit, at least until they add more multiplayer maps.


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        25 hours on the Mad Max until now and I am not even on the end of the game. I think I will need about 15 more hours to finish it.


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          I usually just play games on my phone. I have an Xbox 360, but that doesn't mean I have the time to play it.

          Hay Day is anot app which I have been very into latley, it's fun and time consuming.


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            Farmville. Really into this kind of games. Planting and raising my own farm, feeding my pets is a nice thing to do. Unfortunately it only happens on my phone. LOL.


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              I'm still struggling through Bioshock: Infinite; the jump mechanics make me sick. I'm obsessively playing Plague Inc, Stardew Valley, and Don't Starve on my PC, because I want to unlock all of the achievements, but I'm also not exactly the best at the games. I'm also playing a gorgeous PC game called The Vanishing of Ethan Carter; the graphics are pretty, the mechanics are genius, and the plot has more twists than a toddler's shoelaces. I would totally recommend it; you can find it on Steam.


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                I am playing NFS Carbon, Skyrim and The Wolf Among Us, all on the PC at the moment.