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Fish VS Birds

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  • Fish VS Birds

    Which is your Lovable Pet??????????????

    Mine is Birds....

    It Creeps, sings, talks, replies oh my god .....

    I love birds very much

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    Definitely go for fish because for me I really like fish because it keeps anxiety and stress away I always watch my fish swim specially the angel fish which is mostly I like among all my fishes and the greatest part of having a fish is when feeding time they always look up when I feed my fish for my fingers to spread the food in the aquarium. Though for me it's really hard sometimes to clean the aquarium but I like what am doing it's just am kinda lazy at cleaning the aquarium I don't like getting my hands get wet though again am happy what am doing because it helps them benefits me and I return the favor that's why I like fishes because they cute and adorable.


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      It will be fish for me and I will like it to be in a big pond. So that they can really enjoy swimming and nearest to their natural habitat.


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        I like birds hahaha


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          Birds are lovely. As a child, I had a talking parrot.


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            I like fish. They are easier to care for than the same parrots. Parrot is always making noises. He can bite or shit on you. It's just as difficult to feed him. You must constantly look for new types of grains for it. With fish is easier. For them, you only need to buy an aquarium and various algae and live rocks. And with food even easier. You just need to buy two different types of this food and feed it once a day. Therefore, if you are a busy person, it is better to buy fish.
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